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Amega Global Rebrands as Amwell

amwell logo

Amega Global has rebranded!  Amwell is the new identity for Amega Global, the world’s first energetic wellness product development and sales company. The information and e-commerce website sports a contemporary new look, and has relocated to (see screenshot below). Amwell provides all of…
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Pet Health: The Benefits of the AMIon Energized Pet Band

amion band for pets

The AMIon Pet Band is the first product from Amega Global which is made specifically for pets.  The band is energized with zero point energy resonance through Amega Global’s AMized Fusion Technology (AFT) process, and is also an AMIon product…
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Amega Global Products: An Overview

Amega Global Energetic Wellness Products: Amega Global, the world’s first Energetic Wellness Company, provides an extensive range of unique self-care tools for the whole family (including pets). The proprietary Amized Fusion Technology (AFT) process infuses cutting-edge products with Zero Point…
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Amega Global Slashes Prices on Popular Products

amega global shop

2014 is starting with a bang for Amega Global.  Not only are there exciting new products available, but prices of many best-sellers have been significantly reduced!  On top of that, it is now free to become a member, there is…
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Amega Global New Energetic Wellness Products for 2014

amega global new products

      Amega Global announced five new products in December 2013, and they are now in stock in January 2014. The video below gives a brief introduction to these new energetic wellness products which include: Ki Pendant AMIon Sports Neckband…
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